Order packaging and recycling

Like us, a lot of our customers are concerned about the environment and waste management.

Below is some information regarding the packaging we use to deliver your order to you.

Unfortunately our outer packaging is not currently recyclable.  We have to choose sturdy, waterproof packaging due to the amount of rain we have in the UK.  We have however taken many steps to reduce the size of this packaging, reducing it by 50% in the last year.  When the weather is dry we can use paper outer packaging and hopefully soon our outer packaging will be either recyclable or compostible.  Customers can re-use our packaging again to either return an item or send something somewhere else.

We pack our jewellery items in paper envelopes or small cardboard jewellery boxes.  Both are recyclable and re-usable.

We welcome any ideas about new packaging, please get in touch if you have any suggestions or improvements at