Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Shop

Thats Charming's support of Cancer Research UK & Macmillan Cancer Support charities.A brief word about donations to charity: For many years our comapny has supported and donated to various charities and campaigns. As we sell cancer awareness items many customers ask us whether we make donations based on the sales of these items. Here is our position:We don't make statements or advertise on listings about donating a % of price per item sold, we make regular monthly donations to two cancer charities. These donations are fixed and happen regardless of trade.Every single donation helps and we mean no disrespect to fund raisers who auction/sell awareness items who donate on the % of final value / flat rate per item. We have hit upon a system that's easier for us to administrate and provides the charities with regular funds to continue their valuable work.We also sponsor individuals who run / walk for fund raising events. Our last sponsor took part in the Cancer Research UK Race for Life event in Gillingham on 1st June 2008. We are always open to requests of sponsorship for cancer awareness events and as long as the sponsorship can be completed online via a recognised, secure donation website, we always oblige.FREE UK delivery